Interior Design for Spring 2018: Trends & Inspiration



In 2018, we’re all about taking inspiration from Pinterest and making it a reality. Say goodbye to being shy about decor and say hello to being bold in the home. From clashing patterns to layers of embellishments, interior design for spring is looking pretty exciting. So, let’s discuss some of the latest trends to hit the world of interiors. We’ll also throw in a few really great Pinterest boards for extra inspiration.


Last year, we started to see geometrics creeping into homes and DIY magazines. Only the bravest of interior enthusiasts and Pinterest bloggers would be seen decorating large areas of their homes with geometric patterns. For the average Joe, small bursts of geometrics could be seen in accessories like rugs, mugs and cushions. However, this year is going to be a whole different story. Expect to see a lot more of this pattern splashed around, especially on wallpaper and tiles. Being bold with interior design is no longer reserved for blogs and magazines!

Take a look at this Pinterest board from Hillary’s blinds. Here you can see the various ways you can incorporate geometrics into your rooms. Bear in mind, you don’t have to go crazy if you’re not read yet. Whether you fancy a full-on carpet or just some fancy shelving, you’ll find something to inspire you on this board.HillarysGeometric InteriorsFollow On


If you’ve not got the message already, this year is all about being bold. And what better time to implement this than when you’re planning your interior design for spring? If you fancy revamping the colours in your home, we recommend going big. This doesn’t necessarily mean painting every wall in a different shade. In fact, this hot trend requires a little more flair than that. Even with white walls, you can achieve the colour pop trend. We’re talking brightly coloured cushions, feature walls, rainbow artwork and popping accessories. Don’t be afraid of the colours: orange, azure, magenta, lime. The list goes on. If this is a big step for you design-wise, then start by choosing smaller pieces like a throw for your bed or some photo frames which can gradually introduce the trend into your home.

Our Pinterest pick for this trend is pretty much the epitome of ‘out there’. Secret Linen Store has curated this absolutely gorgeous board. It shows all the different ways you can incorporate bright colours into your home and how to mix and match different shades. If we can learn one thing, it’s ‘don’t be afraid of clashing!’ We absolutely love the various themes and designs shown in some of these rooms, from the painted doors to mismatched chairs. If this doesn’t inspire you… we don’t know what will.Secret Linen StoreBright & Bold InteriorsFollow On


Say goodbye to the minimal trend that took over 2017. We’re not bothering with the whole ‘less is more’ concept this year. Interior design for spring will see a whole host of embellishments that an Aladdin’s cave would be envious of. Maybe the colour pop trend didn’t rock your boat or you’re not feeling brave enough to go that bright just yet. If that’s the case, this latest trend is the perfect way to ease out of minimal style and add a bit more detail to your home. From fringing and tassels to feathers and beads, there is no limit on how you can customise this trend to your taste. If it’s handmade, sumptuous and tactile, it fits the trend!

We’ve chosen this Pinterest board to try and showcase what this trend means to us. However, it’s certainly the concept that’s most open to interpretation. You’ll notice that the colours with this trend are quite muted and understated but we really like that. If we could describe the whole ‘textures and embellishments’ concept, we’d say that it should make you want to stay in more. You know when your home is just so cosy and full of love that you never want to leave? That’s the kind of thing we’re going for here. It’s essentially Hygge but with a bit more glam. You’ll also be using airier colours that will accommodate the warmer months, of course.

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