Predictions for Autumn Interior Design Trends for 2018



Now, you may think we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Summer may still be in full swing but autumn is only just around the corner. And who doesn’t love autumn style? Whether it’s fashion or interior design, the fall season is a chance to get excited about new beginnings and cosy materials. Although we’re not counting on it getting cooler anytime soon… But without further ado, let’s run through some of our favourite predictions for autumn interior design this year.

Fall design isn’t always the most groundbreaking in terms of style. It’s usually a chance to bring in extra layers and details that are just too fussy for summer. Nevertheless, we still love seeing the way that people interpret interior trends in autumn.


Minimalism is not something on our radar for this autumn. We’ve been seeing a lot of texture coming into the picture over the past year. Frills, details, embellishments, whatever takes your fancy is good to go. We’re talking thick rugs, detailed cushions and interesting patterns that add an extra level of design. Anything that is more cosy for your living room, bedroom or dining room is definitely welcome so bring on the thick blankets and beaded accessories.


Whilst adding a modern touch to your interior design will never go out of style, we’re seeing a lot of people make the most of the antique features in the home. It’s a chance to rummage through your attic or your local antique dealer’s shop! What could get more exciting than that? Mixing old with new is especially stylish at the moment and it’s all about adding in special treasures that make things a little bit more interesting. We particularly love 18th and 19th-century designs.


It’s no secret that everyone is obsessed with eco-friendly products, brands and materials now. From reusable water bottles to smart technology, we’ve all got an interest in being more sustainable at home. In terms of incorporating this concept into your autumn interior design, we’re thinking cushion covers made from recycled materials and houseplants to naturally freshen up the air. Treat yourself to candles from sustainable, independent companies and nature-inspired accessories. You could even go DIY and craft some fun features out of recyclable materials. For example, old tins and cans can easily turn into plant pots, make-up brush holders or pen pots.


Jewel hues often make a comeback during autumn and winter – 2018 is no different. We’re expecting to see a rich hues covering walls and bold colours in decor this year. Think pinks, purples, greens and dark blues for that trendy blogger look. Add in brass and gold accessories for a metallic contrast that’ll make your home look like something straight out of Pinterest! We guess the thinking behind this trend is to brighten up your indoors in preparation for the darker outdoors – and we’re not complaining at all. Bring on the cosiness.

Bold hues for autumn interior design trends.


This kind of links back to the antique features we mentioned earlier, but spreads to larger areas like furniture and overall colour schemes. Mid-century design is a really easy look to achieve if you start with the right basic pieces. For those who have been watching Mad Men, you’ll definitely love this trend! Our Eames chairs are perfect for incorporating this into the dining room along with bold colours like orange, blue and red.

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